Joseph Kamaru, Lawrence Nduru, John Ndichu Gĩkũyũ oldies music extravaganza beckons on November 1st, as Ayrosh takes us down memory lane


Nĩwona nĩũngaunwo ngingo o ngĩkũĩraga

Mũhiki ũcio nĩ wene ndũkamwararie.


Arũme matunyagũo mbia no ti mũhiki

Wenda thayũ ũine wĩ wiki kana ũikare thĩ

These are profound words from the song, Mũcang’ang’o ũgĩraga mũkindĩrio, by the Rift Valley Brothers. Very hilarious lyrics but at the same time carrying a lot of weight; especially if one wishes to retain their entire dental structure, or ensure that their spinal cord remains intact when they are out having fun at an entertainment joint.

This one time I was having a chat with Mũrasta, that is, Ayrosh, about his musical journey and I inquired what he was jamming to from his phone’s playlist. He got to play me this song by the Rift Valley Brothers and immediately after our session, I went to acclamatise myself with their music.

This Friday (November 1st), Ayrosh is bringing back to life music by the Rift Valley Brothers, who had Lawrence Nduru as the lead vocalist; and other Gĩkũyũ classics by the likes of John Ndichu, CDM Kiratu, Francis Rugwiti and of course, the legend himself Joseph Kamaru.

It can be argued that it has been a great 2019 for Ayrosh who released his debut EP, Mũrasta, at a sold-out show at the Michael Joseph Centre. He has gone further to push the #FolkFusion gospel by performing in a couple of events including being one of the headlining acts at the inaugural Mũgithi Festival.

Ayrosh has already created a name for himself on the urban mugithi scene. With him deciding to work on a concert involving the creative output of Lawrence Nduru, John Ndichu, Joseph Kamaru among others, this show will bring out the similarities between his music and their style of music. One thing that the pioneers of Gĩkũyũ benga did well in those early days was fuse the Western genres like funk and soul, with benga and Gĩkũyũ traditional mwomboko, something that Ayrosh has ensured is the backbone to his music. From the Mũrasta one can easily pick out House/EDM tones, soul and contemporary R&B.

At 910 James Gichuru Road, from 7.00pm, Ayrosh is inviting all for an evening of spectacular Gĩkũyũ afro-pop. “This is more than just a concert, it’s a celebration of African culture where folk meets pop music.”


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