It was thanks to Facebook that Mugure Princess got an opportunity to have a taste of social media stardom. When she took a phone and recorded macokio ma Samidoh’s Nĩwe Ndarathimĩirwo, little did she know just how big that video would be for her musical career.

Everyone was calling out to Samidoh to take the girl with the awesome voice to studio and help her record her version of Nĩwe Ndarathimĩirwo, a call he heeded, and with the blink of an eye, Mugure Princess’ mũgithi career was born. Straight from recording the song, she already had her first live performance at Ndumo ya Samidoh held at Githurai 44. Talk of God’s Speed!

From getting her lucky break through a Facebook video, Mugure Princess is already looking at getting a foothold in the industry. After the successful remix of Samidoh’s song, Mugure has released her second song, Ngiri Fake. And she does not disappoint.

The same vocal skill she demonstrated on macokio ma Nĩwe Ndarathimĩirwo still flows on this track. It’s a song where she touches on finding love and later having to go through a heartbreak, having been courted by a smooth-talking lover. She likens this lover to a fake one-thousand-shilling note, which looks all shiny and bright but still has no value since it is fake. The audio has been done by Kidrays Studio while the video is the work of Riri Simon of Riri Epic Studio.  


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