Watch this well-choreographed video to Kareh B’s song, Ndĩmũnogu


The song Tũirio Twega by Jose Gatutura thrust Kareh B into the mũgithi space. A couple of tracks later with Gatutura, Kareh B is now seizing the opportunity to build her solo career in the Gĩkũyũ entertainment scene.

The songstress, who has cut her teeth in music from performing country music at various entertainment spots in the country, has released the video to her latest single, Ndĩmũnogu. This is one of those songs that oozes the feeling that it will become a fan favourite.

Already with three other songs under her name, Nĩgũte (Part 2), Tũrathime and Woe Gakenge, Kareh B goes for a unique sound on this new release. Listening to Ndĩmũnogu, it is quite clear that the aim here was to get a blend of mugithi and benga. The debate now is whether to classify this as Gĩkũyũ benga or Gĩkũyũ contemporary track.

It is undeniable that Kareh B has one of the best voices in the industry and she does not disappoint with this particular song. And adding the spice to this is the well-choreographed video by Dambiz from Cloud Montage.

Watch Ndĩmũnogu as Kareh B belts out this love story; the long wait to a proposal by this lady.


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