Joy wa Macharia drops video to her latest song Gũborwo


Mũndũrũme Kĩeya is the song that introduced Joy wa Macharia in mũgithi, and since the release of the video just eight months ago, over 600,000 people have viewed the song. Riding on the success of her other releases, Cuma Hiũ and Waitherero kĩa Mũrang’a, Joy has now released the video to her latest track, Gũborwo.

The song follows in her favoured style of music, mũgithi, as she sings about the strife that happens between two lady friends after one of them makes a move on the boyfriend/husband of the other.

This is a chilled out video that has been shot by Patma Austine and takes a different route from the lots of dancing that characterises Joy’s three previous videos. The story line takes her to interrupting her friend’s lunch as she tears into her actions and warns of the consequences that will follow from her actions.

It’s the first time Joy wa Macharia is working with Patma Austine, after having Stephen Wachira from Richnuts Production take charge of her three previous videos. “I’m working with different Directors, and even after working with Patma for this particular video, Wachira is still my producer. This is not about me changing the producers I’ve worked with before,” Joy mentions.

Watch the video to Gũborwo.


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