New television and radio stations ready to take Kameme and Inooro head-on

Grace Mwai will be hosting Tũmũgooce on Mt. Kenya TV – COURTESY/FB

The Gĩkũyũ nation welcomes a new television and radio station that is angling to demolish the dominance by Royal Media Group’s Inooro FM and Inooro TV, and that of Mediamax Network’s Kameme FM and Kameme TV.

Iganjo FM and Mt. Kenya TV owned by Slopes Media has finally gone LIVE. The two media entities have thrown down the gauntlet on claiming the Gĩkũyũ nation broadcasting bragging rights by the sheer investment in talent and equipment. Slopes Media has been linked to the Andrew Ngirici and his wife Purity Ngirici, the Kirinyaga County women representative, where it is reported that an investment of Ksh600 million has gone into setting up the two stations.

Kirinyaga County Women Representative Purity Ngirici – COURTESY/FB

And in showing their might in the industry, the media organisation has been on a poaching spree, as it picked out talent from Kameme TV, Inooro TV, Inooro FM and Gukena FM.

Despite there being a number of television and radio stations broadcasting in the Gĩkũyũ dialect, only two media organisations seem to have found the right formula to capture the audience. Especially on the television scene, out of a pool that includes Three Stones TV, Njata TV, Gĩkũyũ TV, Maajab TV; only Inooro TV and Kameme TV have a considerable market share. Kameme TV has been trailing Inooro TV in terms of viewership, with Gĩkũyũ TV and Njata TV claiming some share in this competitive market.

Maina wa Wairegi, shifting base from Inooro TV is a key member of the news team – COURTESY/FB

But it is in the radio section where Slopes Media will face a real task in getting a foothold. Without a doubt, the market belongs to Inooro FM and Kameme FM. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation’s owned Coro FM comes a distant third, followed by one of the latest entrant, Gukena FM, owned by Radio Africa Group. The stiff competition in radio is probably what informed Slopes Media’s decision to start broadcasting in Central Kenya and Rift Valley region, before expanding transmission in Nairobi. Njata FM which broadcasts from Nakuru is also yet to launch its Nairobi transmission.

All the same, Slopes Media is open for the challenge. The media organisation has raided Inooro TV in forming its news team. Joining Slopes Media from Inooro TV are Maina wa Wairegi, Monica Kagoni, Macharia Gachuru and Njambi wa Njau. From Kameme TV, they welcomed Wangui wa Gathogo and Gathu wa Nyutu (Kijana Gusa Gusa). Some other notable presenters now at Mt. Kenya TV include Grace Mwai, who worked briefly with Inooro TV as the first presenter of the Rurumũka show and Nonsizi wa Ng’ethe who used to host the Cia Reggae show on Kameme TV. Grace Mwai and Nonsizi wa Ng’ethe will now be hosting Tũmũgooce every Sunday morning and Mũthũngũtho Live every weekday evening.

Previously at Kameme TV, Nonsizi will be hosting Mũthũngũtho Live – COURTESY/FB

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the launch of Mt. Kenya TV are two competitive reality television shows, a first in Gĩkũyũ broadcasting. The first is Mũrũri wa Mount Kenya, a singing competition, and the second is a culinary competition Mũrugi Woma, that will see chefs from different hotels competing with each other.

At Iganjo FM, broadcasting on 94.6FM frequency in the Central region, Slopes Media has brought in tried and tested talent in the likes of Henry Kissinger, Sir Anthony Mithamo and Charles Njama from Gukena FM; Kihara wa Gathua and Ephraim Anthony Mugo from Inooro FM.

Henry Kissinger, formerly at Gukena FM

It remains to be seen if Slopes Media will eat Royal Media Group’s and Mediamax Network’s lunch in Gikũyũ broadcasting. With quality and captivating content, they have a chance with Mt. Kenya TV. The real hurdle is with Iganjo FM due to the competitive nature of Gikũyũ radio.


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