Ngaruiya Junior and Allan Aaron with new jam


Ngaruiya Junior, who fondly refers to himself as King of Kĩgooco has a new album. Famed for his Gĩkũyũ praise songs that include a combination of his own compositions as well as well know kĩgooco pieces, Ngaruiya Junior has grown to become a household name in the Gĩkũyũ gospel scene.

And he has given a teaser to the album by releasing a song where he has teamed up with the ‘Mũkũrinũ with swag’, Allan Aaron. Together, they have produced a gem of a kĩgooco song, Tũrĩarathime. I call it a gem because of the synchronisation of the two artistes’ voices.

Ngaruiya Junior & Allan Aaron at the video shoot/COURTESY

Ngaruiya Junior has all along his music career followed along the akũrinũ tune. And by working with Allan Aaron, who is credited for modernising akũrinũ music from the days of Wĩ Mũtheru, the symphony is just taken a notch higher.

The song is a celebration of the blessings that God has bestowed upon the Gĩkũyũ community. I would have however preferred for each artist to highlight a verse individually due their distinct vocal strengths. At some point one would feel that Allan Aaron overpowers Ngaruiya Junior’s voice.


All in all, it is a track that will get you moving your body to the beat, in Ngaruiya Junior’s kigooco style. The track has been produced at Kidrays Studio, while Char-Low shot the music video.

Here is the video to Tũrĩarathime:



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