Betty Bayo drops video to her first song of the year


The year 2016 was a good year for Betty Bayo. The gospel artist managed to graciously put the scandal that rocked her then husband Pastor Victor Kanyari a couple of years back behind her, and release four singles that have performed relatively well in the market. The songs have average over 90,000 views on Youtube. Her last song of the year, a collaboration with Shiru Stuart, was released in November and has received over 50,000 views.

And to the ever bubbly Betty Bayo, 2017 is starting in similar explosive fashion. She has just released the video to her first song of the year, Ngai Ndũrĩ Itherũ. Directed by Eric Omba, the video has been produced at his Africa Link Video.

In a nutshell, this is a thanksgiving song. Betty takes the time to sing of God’s graciousness as He blesses and lifts up those that are called upon His name. As the song moves into the second verse, Betty Bayo seems to make reference to the tribulations that followed her in the aftermath of the exposé done on her then husband.

In my eyes, I thought I would not survive
And the Christian pretenders who act holier than thou
Saying among themselves, “See God has abandoned her”
And in the midst of the mess, you came to save me
and not to witness my downfall

After working with Solomon K on her last video, Ngai Mũtheri, a collaboration with Shiru Stuart, Betty has gone back to Eric Omba for this new video. Omba’s Africa Link Video had worked on her 2016 songs; Atasimama Nawe, Nĩkũhandwo and Ndikerira.

As characteristic with most of the music videos shot over the recent past, a drone camera has been incorporated to get a different view from the shots. Gikuyu videos have come of age, from the previous era of pixelated and uncoordinated choreography music videos. Betty’s Ngai Ndũrĩ Itherũ does not disappoint in terms of quality and the variety in the shots used.

Not much thought seems to have been put on costumes. A look at the dancers and you would not help to think that the lesos used were an afterthought.

This is a song that you will dance to and also enjoy listening.



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